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Welcome page Placeholder page The owner of this web site has not put up any web pages yet. Please come back later. You should replace this page with your own web pages as soon as possible. Unless you changed its configuration, your new server is configured as follows: Configuration files can be found in /etc/lighttpd . Please read /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/README file. The ... index is index.html , meaning that requests for a directory /foo/bar/ will give the contents of the file /var/www/foo/bar/index.html if it exists (assuming that /var/www is your DocumentRoot). You can enable user directories by using command "lighty-enable-mod userdir" About this page This is a placeholder page installed by the Debian release of the Lighttpd server package. This computer has installed the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, but it has nothing to do with the Debian Project. Please do not contact the Debian Project about it. If you find a bug in this Lighttpd package, or in Lighttpd itself, ...


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