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Home MODX Revolution MODX Congratulations You have successfully installed MODX Revolution2 pl Now that MODX is installed you can login to the manager to create your templates manage content and install third party extras to add functionality to yourwebsite New toMODX Pages on a MODX site are called Resources and are visible on the left hand side of the manager in the Resources tab Resources can be nested under other resources making it easy to create a tree of resources There are different types of resources for different usecases Building your website is done through a combination of Templates Template Variables Chunks Snippets and Plugins Collectively these are known as Elements and can also be found in the left hand side of the manager in the Elementstab Templates contain the outer markup of any page Each resource can only be assigned to a single template at a time By adding Template Variables to a template you can add custom fields for any resource using that particulartemplate ...

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